Titan Press Release

Palm Post of Florida LLC has acquired Titan Sign Posts.

Titan Sign Posts was founded with one idea in mind ~ to provide superior service that meets the needs of real estate professionals. Our goal was to exceed expectations by providing reliable and prompt installation with good old-fashioned courteous service. We are now passing the torch to Palm Post of Florida LLC, www.palmpostofflorida.com, to continue on with our mission.

Palm Post will be committed to Titans valued clients and make every effort to provide an easy and efficient ordering process, answer all customer inquiries promptly, and provide instant notification when installation requests have been completed. We guarantee a 48 business hour turnaround for post installations/removals using our team of certified Palm Post installers. We will set up for you at no cost a FREE post ordering database so you can sell more Real Estate and not worry about your post needs.

Palm Post of Florida has been in business over 6 years and is a professional regional post installation company servicing both the residential and commercial markets. Palm Post services the entire service areas Titan covered plus more at no additional cost to you. We also have the ability to custom design and fabricate any signage your real estate business may need, at a price point that is extremely competitive.

To aid in this transition a representative from Palm Post of Florida LLC will be contacting you. We will make this transition seamless for you. We will store, inventory and warehouse your panels just as Titan did.

Palm Post of Florida’s LLC contact information is: www.palmpostofflorida.com
Phone: 1.877.664.1618
Direct Phone: 941.993.9119
Email: email@palmpostofflorida.com
Owner: Tom Coletta 941.358.0000
Best Regards,
Tom Coletta

*************Please fell free to email tom@palmpostofflorida.com with any questions****************